Our Journey So Far

Our Peace Corps journey has begun!  We left DC around 1pm on Monday April 1 with our group of 47.  They seem like a great bunch–flexible, good sense of humor, competent and fun.  We flew about 14 hours from DC to Tokyo–pleasantly surprised to find ourselves in Economy Plus (an extra five inches of legroom!).  We had about a three hour layover in Tokyo and then flew on to Bangkok (six hours).  We are now spending about 2.5 hours in a nice hotel near the Bangkok airport.  It doesn’t seem like much time, but I just took a hot shower, brushed my teeth and I’m currently sitting on a bed in my pajamas writing this blog post.  I’m going to be a new person when we check out at 5am for our 8am flight to Jakarta.  Then we fly to Surabaya.  We’ve been traveling for over 24 hours so far, so I definitely feel like it’s down hill from here.  We get to Surabaya around 5pm where we’ll have dinner and a meeting.  We’ll be there for four days before we head out to meet our training host families.  

Will and I are feeling great, in good spirits, and we’ve been paired up in our flights and hotel rooms so far, which is great.  We will write more when I get a chance!


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