We Made It!

After 60+ hours of travel, we finally arrived in Surabaya. Remarkably, so did all of our checked baggage.
After two hours in our Bangkok Best Western (nicest Best Western we’ve ever seen), we left the hotel at 5am and flew out around 8am. It was a three hour flight to Jakarta, where we were met by Peace Corps Indonesia staff who led us through passport control, customs, and the transfer from international to domestic flights.
After a three hour layover and Starbucks to keep us awake, we departed for Surabaya. A small group of current PC volunteers greeted us at the airport (with welcome signs and smiles!) and escorted us to our hotel where we will be staying for the next four days.
We had a very American style meal (beef stroganoff!) and then had a short 30 minute briefing on our next week.
We start at 715 am tomorrow with breakfast, immigration paperwork and then straight into language training.

The shots begin on Friday. I’m already feeling faint.



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