Surabaya and Training

We are spending our last night in the hotel in Surabaya tonight.  It’s been four days of intense language training, briefings and meeting new people.  We wake up around 5am and go to bed by 9pm!  It’s our new life.  It’s been really fun, exhausting, exciting and we are all a little nervous to meet our pre-service training host families tomorrow.

Today we found out that Amy will be living with a large family of two parents (36 years old and the father is the head of the village) and they have about four kids.  There is also some nephews and a grandmother living in the house.  The picture of the family is so cute and the kids look adorable!  Will will be living with a a husband and wife ages 60 and 52.  It looks like our houses will be close together and it’s expected that we be able to communicate with one another, and spend time in each others’ houses.  We’ll be with these families for 10 weeks while we study the language (bahasa Indonesia) and learn to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL).  We’ll also learn more about the culture.  Big day tomorrow as we meet our host families!

Yesterday we had the chance to walk around the neighborhood. I snapped a few pictures below!  We’ve been lucky to have free wi-fi in the hotel the last four days, and it will be much more sporadic during training, so I won’t get to update via Internet as often.  We are all getting cell phones next weekend though so I’ll be able to call and accept calls (accepting is free :-))!

Until next time…wish us luck…here we go!




6 thoughts on “Surabaya and Training

  1. Hi Amy and Will so good to hear about your day and what is coming up…Can’t wait
    to hear about your host families. I am sure you will be a blessing to them.
    Easter Sunday weather beautiful.
    Looking forward to your updates , let me know if you have a address or can
    receive cards etc.
    Love ~Bonnie & Captain Duane
    I pray you find blessings in unexpected places…..

  2. It’s great to read your updates! Glad to hear things are moving along pretty well. Good luck with language training and hopefully you both settle in well with your training families!

  3. Will and Amy, it is a joy to read about your new adventure. I think about you often, Thank you for sharing your new life with everyone. We love you and miss you. You are in my prayers. Carol

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