Coban Rondo (and awesome monkey pictures)

On Saturday, with just six days left in the Batu area before heading to our permanent site, Peace Corps took all forty-five of us to a park in the mountains named Coban Rondo. The main attraction in the park is an enormous waterfall. However, the arguably bigger highlight was the numerous wild monkeys running around, stealing food and digging through the garbage.

 In addition to a picnic, we played a few games and walked to the waterfall. Pictures below:

A game where you have to eat the krupuk (like pork rinds, but made of cow skin or fish) without your hands. Surprisingly, I lost.

Drew and I are celebrities.

…and so is Amy.

Yep…a monkey with a lollypop


2 thoughts on “Coban Rondo (and awesome monkey pictures)

  1. Thanks, Will, for the great pics and your fun report! We’re glued to your news, and so proud of you both for such successful efforts in a wonderful program. Good luck in that new post!! Love, Gini and Bob

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