More photos from PST…

When this is posted, we will be in the midst of our second day at our permanent site. Once we figure our the Internet situation at our new site, we will post about the swearing-in ceremony and our departure from our friends and family in Batu.

During the chaos of the last month during pre-service training (PST), we weren’t able to write about a lot of the stuff we were doing, so this will serve as a review.

Below are pictures from:

  • The English Camp that we hosted for the elementary school in our village. Amy and I ran the music portion, where we taught kids animal vocabulary and sang corresponding songs: Old McDonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Mary Had a Little Lamb.
  • Our trip to see Arema play. Arema is the local soccer team in Malang (city of ~800,000 ). The level of fan support probably comes close to rivaling UK basketball, when you factor in the four hour traffic jam following the game, the sheer amount of people with drums, flares, and scarfs supporting their team, and the fact that the entire stadium of 30,000 was standing room only.
  • Teaching practicum where we spent two weeks teaching in a high school in Batu.

My biggest audience yet…also, my biggest mustache yet.

57 of the school’s 60 student showed up for the English Camp, on a national holiday!

Notice the weird stuffed animal lions (their mascot) behind the end line.

Teaching prepositions



One thought on “More photos from PST…

  1. Keep the honesty of the experience in your helps me relate to Ghana in 1965 and what it was like to be by myself, but intrigued by doing that in a vibrant culture I knew nothing about, and having a mission.

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