One Can of Tuna

For those of you who don’t know our cat, Kira, feel free to skip this post. And I promise, we aren’t turning this into a website full of cat pictures. 

Leaving our friends and family behind to serve in the Peace Corps definitely wasn’t easy. As many of you witnessed, our last weeks in DC and Kentucky were really fun, but also included many tearful goodbyes.

One of the sadder things to leave behind was our cat. This was especially surprising because I wasn’t really that fond of her and married into the ownership. Kira was a stray Siamese cat from Tennessee (Southern roots, y’all) who somehow made her way up to DC via a Himalayan rescue network (seriously). Amy adopted her in 2008 and I joined them in 2010. Kira was never the best behaved cat, but she has loads of personality.

When leaving, we didn’t know what we would do with her, but our very good friends Mike and Lauren McCauley volunteered to keep her for the two years we are gone. This was a perfect solution, except that they already had a cat and Kira doesn’t get along well with other cats, or really, anyone. When we left, Kira and her new roommate, Frager, weren’t exactly fast friends. If one approached the other there was growling and hissing and flat ears and Kira would occasionally swat Frager on the head.  We figured as long as they could tolerate each other for two years, that was the best we could hope for.  Well, apparently that’s changed…see the video they sent us below:

This was my response to the video:

That is crazy. I kept waiting for her to go all Mike Tyson on Frager’s ear. That’s usually Kira’s tactic, lure you into a false sense of comfort and then bite/claw the $%^& out of you. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO OUR CAT?! WHY HAVE YOU RUINED HER?

Thanks so much to Lauren and Mike for taking care of her while we are gone!


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