Ramadan By The Numbers

By Will

  • Weight lost:
    • Will—pounds
    • Amy—pounds
  • Lunches skipped due to fasting: 26
  • Lunches eaten due to travel exemption (traveling beyond 14km): 2
  • Weeks of school vacation for Idul Fitri: 2
  • Informal English classes taught: 6
  • Tug of War championships won:
    • Will—1
    • Amy—0
  • Fireworks that made us think our house was under attack: ~23
  • Money received on Idul Fitri morning: 40,000 rupiah each
  • Houses visited during Idul Fitri: 9
  • Hands shaken during Idul Fitri: ~500
  • Mornings mice jumped out at Amy while she cooked breakfast before sunrise: 8
  • Books read:
    • Will—4
    • Amy—5.5
  • Seasons of 30 Rock watched: 4
  • Seasons of Arrested Development watched: 1
  • Bike rides taken for pleasure, before realizing fasting is hard: 1
  • Rolls of Oreos consumed in secret: 2
  • Bags of peanuts consumed in secret: 4
  • Days sick from eating whole peanuts (including the shell) in hopes of getting ‘extra fiber’ in my diet: 2
  • Days before we realized that papaya was the cause of serious bowel troubles: 5 (you would think we would get the message much earlier)

10 thoughts on “Ramadan By The Numbers

  1. That’s all good and great, but what about your body fat percentage!?
    Looks like you two could share a pair of pants now!
    I thought I was in the loop with your blog, but apparently I never subscribed, but I am now, so look out! 🙂
    Classic idea with the numbers, though I’m certainly glad no one was keeping tabs on MY oreo consumption.

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