Winter, er, Rainy Season is Coming

By Will

If you have read/watched the Game of Thrones series, you know that the Starks incessantly warn every person they see that “winter is coming.” Since we arrived at our permanent site (almost four months ago!) its kind of been like that, but with references to the rainy season instead.

Indonesia has only two seasons: rainy and dry. Most students/fellow teachers are shocked when I tell them that in most places in America, we have four seasons and that it rains consistently throughout the year. Some students know that we have snow back home, but they just assumed it was part of our rainy season.

In the nearly four months that we have been here it has progressively gotten hotter every month, and until last week, had rained one time. Since that day last week, it has rained almost every day. The rainy season is officially underway, which is a relief, because our (and many other Volunteers’) well was starting to run dry…I mean that literally. We get our water from a well, it wasn’t some sort of poetic attempt at saying that we are tired of dust.

According to our fellow teachers, rainy season used to start in September, but is now starting in October, due to global warming. It is interesting that teachers and students at my school are often possessed by evil spirits, but also acknowledge global warming. I guess living in a country where changing climate patterns have a much more direct effect on your daily life makes it more realistic (don’t worry, a post on the evil spirit possessions will be coming soon).

How has rainy season changed our lives so far?

  • Well for starters, I had to buy some sweet plastic fenders for my bike to keep mud from splashing all over me during my commute. They kind of work in that purpose, but they definitely work in making my badass man’s bicycle look like something I had when I was 8 years old.
  • Rainy season has also made laundry a little more difficult. The first day of rainy season was also my day off. Just as I had finished washing clothes and hanging them on the line, I started hearing the drops on the roof.
  • Amy’s school actually plans the length of the school day around when the rain starts. If it looks like rain is coming in the afternoon, classes might be cancelled an hour early. If it has started raining and stopped, classes are cancelled so folks can get home during the break.

Rainy season isn’t supposed to end until April, so I’m sure we’ll have our share of being caught in torrential downpours between now and then–and enjoy some slightly cooler afternoons.


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