Home Sweet Home

By Will

For the last two weeks, Amy and I were in Surabaya with the other 41 volunteers from ID-6 (the “name” of the group that arrived in April 2012 with us). It was a really great time, both in what we got out of the training, as well as the time spent in the big city with our friends.

We’ll get to all of that later, but we wanted to share the video below. One of the activities during the training conference included sharing information about each site. We split into groups of four and had great conversations about where we now live, what our schools and villages are like, and what distinguishes our community.

Amy had the idea to make a video to cover some of the basic information, so we put this together during the week leading up to the conference…enjoy!



6 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. OMG! This is so cool to actually see/hear you and the get a better concept of the country. Thanks for sharing some of your daily events with us.

  2. “Next to Kentucky, Ngoro is the closest thing to heaven on earth”… I noticed they have a lot of farms and make cigarettes too… (these must be critical criteria for greatest places)

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