From the Classroom…

By Will

A quick post for this Friday afternoon will be part of a new series (maybe?) where Amy and I will share stories from our classes.


The luck of the Irish wasn't with Kentucky today.

The luck of the Irish wasn’t with Kentucky today.

This is the last week of teaching before two weeks of testing begin next week. It is hard to believe that we are here already. One semester down, three to go before we return home.

Since this was our last class meeting before the tests, my counterpart and I tried to cram in all of the topics we didn’t get to earlier in the semester (this is a good jumping off point for a “time management” conversation for next semester). One of the topics we hadn’t covered was “expressions of sympathy/sadness.”

During the class, I was occasionally checking my computer to see the score of the ongoing Kentucky/Notre Dame game. My students have heard me talk about Kentucky basketball a number of times and now know that the Cats are the greatest team in the history of American basketball (that’s not an embellishment, is it?).

I told the class that the Cats were playing a big game today. At half time, I checked the score and was shocked to see Kentucky down 11. Seeing a clear connection with today’s lesson, I announced that I had some bad news. The greatest team in the history of American basketball was losing. This prompted several students to try out some of their new expressions of sadness:

Student 1: I am extremely sorry to hear that.

Student 2: That’s terrible!

Student 3: You have my deepest condolences.

I think the last student’s comments were the most appropriate.



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