Still Glowing From IGLOW

By Amy

Back in March I found out that my school would be able to bring 12 girls to the IGLOW camp in our area. IGLOW stands for Indonesian Girls Leading Our World. GLOW camps are a world-wide Peace Corps initiative to teach girls around the world a host of things usually tailored to the needs of that country, though leadership is a strong focus.

This year there were four IGLOW camps in Indonesia organized by Peace Corps volunteers and Indonesian counterparts. Our camp had 81 girls from six districts. They learned lessons on nutrition, inner and outer beauty, human trafficking and violence against women, reproductive health and unwanted pregnancy. They heard from a panel of Indonesian career women. They had a talent show. They zip-lined and did team building activities.

One of the cool things about the camp was that all of the sessions were lead by Indonesians (mostly women) and all sessions were in bahasa Indonesia. I was so inspired to meet these amazing people who are working hard to make their country a better place for women.

I’m pretty sure some minds were blown in the health and reproduction session (there were a LOT of questions in the question box about completely normal body functions that they apparently were NOT taught in the fifth grade). New friends were made (the girls kept saying they didn’t want to go home!). And girls were inspired (“It is magic, Miss!”).

Since I came into IGLOW kind of at the last minute, I didn’t have an official role. I tried to help out where I could and found my calling as I channeled my inner 1980’s Jane Fonda and led or co-led aerobics or yoga every morning at 5:00am! Who knew?

But instead of going into too much more detail, I’ll let the girls’ faces tell the story of the magic of IGLOW with this short video* I put together.

* Thanks Uncle Rob for giving us your FlipCam right before we left! It has been put to good use.



10 thoughts on “Still Glowing From IGLOW

  1. You’re right, Amy, their faces do tell the whole story, and a wonderful story it is! Thanks for helping these girls to discover their full potential!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the video! It was a wonderful example of inspiriation! Great music selection!

  3. Amazing!!! Tears in my eyes. I’m so proud to call you my friend. You are doing such amazing things! Thanks for sharing!!

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