We’re Baaaaaack….

By Will

photo (30)

We’re finally back at site after our epic three week vacation traveling around Indonesia with Amy’s parents, a few friends, and a relative who joined along the way. Amy has a bigger post coming about our travels, and we’ll have more pictures and video than you’ll care to see, but for now here is our vacation by the numbers:

11 Approximate number of pizzas eaten over the trip

10 Beds slept in

Types of transportation taken: 7 planes, 3 boats, 1 angkot, 1 car, 1 bus, 1 train, 1 horse cart, and numerous taxis

6 Indonesian provinces (states) visited

5 Islands visited

4 Different types of monkeys seen in the wild (for simplicity’s sake, I’m counting orangutans in this category); days in Ubud, Bali to kickoff the trip; days spent on a boat traveling through the Tanjung Puting national park

3 Cheeseburgers eaten by me at our favorite restaurant in Indonesia, Scallywags; way too short days spent on Gili Air; days spent in Sanur, Bali to finish the trip

2.5 Hours spent on the “executive class” bus without air conditioning, or ability to open the windows. When they opened the door while trying to repair the AC, the 90+ degree temperature outside was a relief

Days spent at our site where we introduced Amy’s parents to our schools, neighborhood kids and the local market; days spent in Yogyakarta checking out the incredible temples of Prambanan and Borobudur

1 Lost bag (Amy’s, eventually recovered), cancelled flight, and awesome trip across an amazing country with fantastic people


4 thoughts on “We’re Baaaaaack….

  1. Like! I have nothing but fond memories of this trip, the good, the bad and the ugly! (;-)
    So proud of all if us for our good behavior at difficult times. No acting out or indulgent grumpiness.
    Yay! I loved sharing this adventure with all of you.

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