The Wheels on the Bus

By Will

In Peace Corps, your transportation options are pretty limited. We aren’t allowed to ride motorcycles or drive cars, so we are limited to our bicycles, busses or mini-van’ish things, and, on occasion, a train if we are lucky. Locally, we pretty much take our bikes everywhere. To get to Surabaya or anywhere within a few hours, we are stuck with the bus.

It is interesting. For the most part, our life here is supposed to mirror that of our neighbors in our community. However, when it comes to the local and regional busses, you don’t see many teachers or the people from our village–and definitely not our host family. They are on their motorcycles or in their cars. It is usually the poorer population and students. This makes for great opportunities to talk with passengers, whether we are interested or not, about what we are doing here and why.

The bus rides have also proven to be a perfect time to catch up on music. Over the last year, I listened to the entirety of Phish’s 2012 tour. 37 shows, or 4.7 days of music. That’s a lot of time on the bus.

Below is a gallery of photos from various busses over the last few months and the weirdness that often ensues when we travel.


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