Uniformly Fitting In

By Will

Indonesia has a big uniform culture, especially as it pertains to teaching and other civil service jobs.

Our schools have uniforms for everything. Sporting activities, the teachers’ union, a special shirt for the 17th of every month (to commemorate independence day which is on August 17th), teacher professional development groups, boy scouts, religious holidays and probably others that we aren’t even aware of. And these are in addition to the civil service uniform that is worn at least three days a week.

My guess would be that this follows the military traditions of the country, especially from under Suharto’s 30 year reign. There are other elements of this in the school/civil service culture, including military style marching, ceremonies, competitions, and demonstrations (another post for another time).

Below are some examples of my uniforms. Amy will put her’s up later. And yes, I realize the coming years of mocking I will eventually endure for some of these photos.


3 thoughts on “Uniformly Fitting In

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