The Return of Ginger Tail

By Amy


Our readers may remember back in June when we mentioned that our favorite neighborhood cat, Ginger Tail, had been stuffed into a sack with another cat and driven off to another location. The traumatizing event left us feeling pretty bummed out.

But we have news! When we got back from vacation with my parents in July, Ginger tail was back! Not only that, but the cat he had been transported with was back too and they were playing together in our yard. How adorable is that?

We imagine a “Homeward Bound” situation where these two cats are put in a stressful situation together and against all odds decide to band together and find their way back home. Along the way they experience a number of challenging situations which only brings them closer together. In the end they get back home and are lifelong friends.

While it took Ginger Tail a while to feel comfortable coming for a visit, he’s now usually a regular visitor every night. When he sees us he takes off into a full sprint into our living room meowing at the top of his head like usual.

We’re pretty sure, given our reaction last time, our host family isn’t touching him again.

Welcome back Ginger Tail!


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