Life’s a Beach

By Will


Recently, I joined the county-wide English teachers organization on their annual day-long retreat. When we voted last semester on the destination for this year’s retreat, my school’s voting block (in favor of Bromo volcano) was severely beaten by the other 30 teachers who wanted to go to Prigi Beach.

After spending a day on the beautiful beach, eating wonderful seafood and going out for a boat cruise of the coast, I understood the enthusiasm for this place.

It took about four hours to reach this area on the southern coast of East Java and we split our time between the more remote Pasir Putih (white sand) beach and the more commercial beach of Prigi.

I enjoyed fresh grilled fish, grilled squid, sweet and sour squid, and three drinks made from/inside a whole coconut. I joked with my friends that this is what friends back home probably imagine our daily lives are like here in Indonesia.

Having now visited a few of these smaller beaches, which are more for locals and less-known to tourists, I have come to the realization that we could live here for 20 years and still not discover all of the beauty of this incredible country.


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