The Secret Spandex Society

By Amy

*This post is dedicated to Keri, Lillian, Alexis and Jennifer. Wish you guys were here to sweat it out with me like the good old days at Gold’s Gym.

After a year and a half of stopping and starting work out routines, I decided that October was going to be a new start. Many things held me back from regular work-outs—the heat, the spectators, the lack of motivation or someone to work out with (Will likes to run and I can’t keep up!). But with another beach trip looming at the end of the year I had some new motivation—and a new invitation.

A few days into October, one of Will’s female co-teachers invited me to join her for a women’s aerobics class at the town hall the next village over. Having always been a group fitness enthusiast (Body Pump, Funky Step, Zumba, yoga, etc), I was thrilled to find out about this. I wasn’t sure what to expect. A couple of times a semester everyone at my school will gather in the school yard for some VERY low impact aerobics. Since I wasn’t sure what what it would be like, and since it’s a very conservative area I showed up in yoga capris and the biggest University of Kentucky t-shirt I own. It would be the last time I wore that.

As the ladies showed up, they started taking off long-sleeves, jilbabs, pants and t-shirts to reveal tank-tops, sports bras, tight shorts and even some booty shorts! Some wore matching spandex ensembles. The instructor basically wore a sporty bikini (and pulls it off despite already having a couple of kids).

So what’s it like? Well the music is like remixed techno…a little Chicago, a little Miley, a little Lady Gaga. The warm-up stretching is a little spastic, but I take it a bit slower. There’s about 30 minutes of really high intensity aerobics and then about 20 minutes of slightly awkward abdominal and gluteal flexing. I leave dripping of sweat.

The best thing is that I have this new chance to make some new friends, and a place where I can work out two days a week with other women and not feel awkward about it—and now I finally have a place to wear my tank tops.


4 thoughts on “The Secret Spandex Society

  1. So awesome! I hope it turns out as fun as Funky Step! I’m getting ready to start a new post-baby workout routine this week too (Drs permission comes Wed hopefully). I’ll be with you in spirit!

  2. I liked this…beneath every -day dress there is an unexpected athlete…or hope to be.. and a comfortable place for you to do that too.

  3. That is GREAT! One of them may want to take you shopping to show you the sports bra section. (My first trip to a Bikram hot yoga class, I wore a similar XXL UK T-shirt and was totally miserable and embarrassed that I over dressed). Sarah

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