Turkey, Dressing and S’Mores?

By Amy

The Saturday after Thanksgiving this year we headed to Batu (the area where we had training) and rented a villa with a group of eight other friends. We had a potluck of sorts, and we were even able to acquire a turkey from the fancy expat grocery store in Malang. Our friends didn’t let the lack of a roasting pan stop them from cooking the turkey, a giant wok did the job. And it turned out fantastic! Will and I brought dressing and mini pumpkin pies and everyone else brought all kinds of traditional (and not so traditional) Thanksgiving food. We were stuffed and felt happy to be together even though we were all thinking of family back home.

The next day we headed up to our training village where we lived for ten weeks to spend some time with our former host families. My host “mom” decided we should have a candle lit dinner outside, which was really nice (and really unusual based on our experience in Indonesia!).


Who needs to eat when you can play with candles?


We had a bag of marshmallows left over from Thanksgiving, so we bought some cookies and chocolate and decided to show my little host brothers how to make s’mores after dinner.



They were super impressed with the fact that they could catch marshmallows on fire and would yell “WOAH, WOAH, WOAH” each time (repeating my reaction the first time they did it).


Of course they were much more interested in catching marshmallows on fire than eating or making s’mores, but I think they had a good time anyway.


We ate a lot of s’mores that night.

It was great to catch up with Peace Corps friends and our Indonesian family over the holiday and to work in some cultural exchange by way of America’s favorite camping past-time.


Wayhu’s not usually that dirty. His brother decided to “decorate” him.


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