Keep On Glowing: IGLOW 2014

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By Amy

Well, another IGLOW is in the books. From March 29-31 an IGLOW (Indonesian Girls Leading Our World) camp was held in our community with participation from 15 schools in 5 different regencies, 89 girls, 15 Indonesian teachers and six Peace Corps Volunteers.

The camp was held in the Pramuka (Boy and Girl Scouts) building across from Will’s school. While the place was super dirty at first–thanks to residual volcanic dust (we had to scrub it down a few hours before the camp started)–the view out the back windows was over rice paddies and in the late afternoons, birds soaring over the fields looking for their dinner as the sun set. Over the course of a few days we had decorated every wall with colorful flip chart paper and drawings related to the sessions. It really became transformed through the cleaning, the decorations and the energy the girls put into the camp.


Similar to last year’s camp the girls learned about diet and nutrition, reproductive health, inner and outer beauty and self image, human trafficking, and they heard from an all-female career panel. On the second night there was a bonfire, talent competition, candle lighting ceremony and a performance from a guy who had appeared on Indonesian Idol.

The last day included team building activities outdoors and I lead aerobics one morning and yoga the next (at 5:30 AM!).


While our camp this year was more modest and held in a less fancy place than last year’s, I think the girls still took away a lot from the camp. The evaluations came back really positive. And, I’m always impressed with the way the Indonesian teachers shine when the camp gets going. They claim it would be impossible to have an IGLOW camp without Peace Corps Volunteers, but at this point they are running so much of it themselves.

We finished IGLOW super pooped, but happy to have done it again with our other volunteer friends and counterparts. Our fingers are crossed that our schools will continue to participate in IGLOW 2015 even after we are back in the States.

As some of Will’s students replied when asked what they thought about the weekend, “It was…AMAZING!”



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