To Market We Go


Oranges, apples, mangosteen, salak, something that tastes like grapes and something that tastes like figs.

Oranges, apples, mangosteen, salak, something that tastes like grapes and something that tastes like figs.

By Amy

About a mile and a half from our house is the big traditional market in our area. You can get all kinds of things at the market from food to jewelry to clothes and everything is super cheap. I don’t go to the market often. To be honest I’m kind of intimidated by it. I’m probably the only person there not speaking Javanese (I speak Indonesian), I get lost, and I pretty much stick out like a sore thumb.*

But last Sunday, Will and I had the two newest married couples in Peace Corps Indonesia coming to visit us for a few days and we wanted to make an Easter brunch and a Mexican dinner for them. So we hopped on an ankot (minibus) and went to the market. Having Will with me made it a little less intimidating this time, because I was the one who knew where things were, and since we’ve been here for almost two years people were a little less shocked to see us.

We even snapped some pictures as we bought a bunch of fruit, avocados, and limes inside, and some donuts outside. We actually had a pretty good time and we vowed to visit the market a few more times before we leave.

*Not that I don’t buy fruits and vegetables. I usually buy from something called a bakul which is a Javanese word for someone who has a mobile mini market on the back of their motorcycle and drives around to the neighborhoods in the mornings.



4 thoughts on “To Market We Go

  1. I remember going to markets in Northern Ghana and did have a clue what things were or how to cook them or eat them…and no language to figure it out.

  2. Oh, the pictures are so marvelous and evocative. And maybe the small white potato looking things in the center front of the fruit photo are what we called lanzones in the Philippines (longan, I think, in Tagalog), if they have a skin that kind of pops open from a little squeeze and peels right off, and inside is white/translucent around a long oval seed? I could eat a room full of them! I’m not sure that’s what they are, though. Lanzones were sold in RP on stems sort of like grapes, though not quite in the same formation. Anyway, love this post and thank you for the effort of going to the less familiar market, and sharing the experience.

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