Thank You, Readers!

By Will

As our time winds down and we head into our last month of the Peace Corps, we wanted to thank all of the people who have been reading our blog and joining us for this ride. Many of you we know, some of you we don’t. Some of you have become new friends and we can’t wait to meet you in person. We hope that everyone has been able to gain a new insight into this incredible country and the wonderful program that is the United States Peace Corps. 

We originally started this blog for two reasons. One, to fulfill Peace Corps’ third goal of sharing Indonesia and its culture with Americans. Two, to keep a journal of our time here that we can reflect on for years to come. 

I was recently looking “under the hood” of our blog and came across some things that stuck out. 

In our 2+ years here we have had more than 34,000 hits on our blog from 113 countries…wow! Our most popular posts have been the post Amy wrote about the jilbab (or Muslim veil for women) and our post about being married in the Peace Corps

It’s been funny to see how people found our blog via Google. There were the normal search terms that you would expect like:

  • Peace Corps
  • Peace Corps for married couples
  • Indonesia
  • Bromo Marathon
  • best peace corps assignment

Then there were these much, much weirder ones:

  • echinacea vitamin for dogs
  • did 30 Rock mention Charleston bike tours
  • fat Indonesian women
  • dinner….the chicken alive moments before….i had to leave the vicinity during the slaughter.
  • dude doing a cannonball
  • awkward party photos
  • why US government want Javanese language
  • jilbab sex
  • LOST hatch replica
  • Ben Chandler Indonesia
  • monkey picnic
  • “Outside of the bathroom” expressions
  • ewe people eat cats
  • i always felt sorry for the prophet muhammad when he was at school. having to sit outside while the rest of the class had their photograph taken.
  • if you drink you aren’t considered a muslim for how many days?
  • hot drag queen
  • mandi with goat head
  • 10 sounds we might hear in the kitchen
  • do angkots ever get cleaned
  • homemade framed art for end of year first grade
  • nah, im not on here for that. have a good one!
  • is kira in we the living love for leo misplaced
  • amy water heater indonesia
  • where can i buy a becak?

Thanks for reading and sharing our blog and we can’t wait to see most of you soon when we get back home on July 30th! Keep following the blog during our last month in Indonesia and then we’ll be updating it with pictures and stories from our travels in Southeast Asia.


3 thoughts on “Thank You, Readers!

  1. My gosh…over so soon ? How quickly time goes by when you are fully occupied with the experience of a new country and a reason for being there. Good luck on your travels.

  2. Will & Amy,
    I have been following your blog for over a year. I have two children in the Indonesian Peace Corp and you have helped me feel closer to them during the last year+ that they have been away from home. I am really going to miss you. I wish for you much happiness and success.

  3. Hi Amy & Will, We’ve enjoyed reading about your adventures in Indonesia. Enjoy your last month at site and let us know if you have any questions about life post-PC.

    Lisa & Russ, PCVs Tanzania 2005 – 2007

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