Ayo, Makan!

By Will

Ayo, makan! = Let’s eat!

Somehow, after more than two years here, we’ve neglected to devote a post to the food we eat on a daily basis. Not sure how that happened, but we’ll rectify it here.

Food in Indonesia has a number of influences from surrounding countries, as well as a whole host of foods and snacks that originated here (satay and tempeh being two of the bigger ones). I won’t be able to touch on everything, but hopefully you’ll get an idea of what we’re eating on a weekly basis. Click on the photos to read more about each food.

Starting off is where Indonesia really shines, fruit! Fresh, tropical fruit that we’ve definitely taken for granted:

Next is the food yang biasa, or, the usual. This is what we’re most likely eating at our schools, or when on the road and someone else is treating:

These are our local favorites. About six months ago, we negotiated with our family that we would cook or buy all of our own food, to iron out some wrinkles we had with the food situation at home. When we aren’t cooking ourselves, these are the four places we usually hit up for lunch or dinner:

Last, but not least, are our own creations. It took about six months before were were really comfortable using our family’s kitchen without getting weird stares or incessant questions. Since then, we’ve done our best at eating western food using what’s available (like tempeh based meatloaf and hamburgers). If I was on my own, I doubt there would be much cooking done, but luckily I am married to an incredible cook who trusts me to chop vegetables and make tortillas.


3 thoughts on “Ayo, Makan!

  1. Makakan na kita! (Let’s eat, in Bikol, “my” Philippine language—if I remember correctly.) “Makan,” “makakan,” perhaps cousins. Kakan, I’m pretty sure, was “rice” itself in standard Bikol, so rice and eating were one and the same. Fair enough – I still feel that way about perfect, aromatic white rice. Thank you for this post, Will. Both my foodie heart and my southeast Asia-loving heart get satisfied in one post! The snake fruit, by the way, is new to me.

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