The Nickel Tour – Amy’s School

By Amy

A couple of weeks ago, you got the cheap and quick tour of Will’s school. Now, just before the buzzer, you get mine. Here we go:

My school is much different than Will’s. His is nearly 700 students, while mine is only 300. His school sits on one of the county’s busiest roads, while mine was dropped in the middle of a bucolic setting surrounded by rice fields and farm land.

A pleasant ten minute bike ride on a small road takes me to my school where I am greeted by a tree-lined driveway with fields on either side.


This is the driveway into my school. This is the view from my school looking out to the road.

Visitors to my school often comment on how green and peaceful it is. During flag ceremony there is often a silent prayer. You can’t hear anything but birds and insects. It’s so nice.


There are a handful of outdoor covered walkways. Each classroom is entered from the outside.


Bu Kis and I walking to the auditorium for my going away ceremony. 



Though my school is small we have a library, a science lab, a computer lab, a language lab (in disrepair), a canteen, a cooperative, a large multipurpose room and a musholla (small Islamic prayer building).


Our “musholla.” This is a small prayer building. It’s different from a mosque, which is much larger.

I’ve really enjoyed my two years at my little country-side school. I will miss it!


Some students buying some snacks or school supplies from the cooperative.




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